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Clients love our service because nobody does it better.


Northeastern Hardware was founded in 1952 as a hardware wholesaler. In the early 80’s we began selling power tools, hand tools and small equipment to the residential contractor. Five years ago we started focusing primarily on the roofing, siding, and framing trades. We are a specialty house with many propriety items for roofing, siding and framing in the New Jersey area. We currently sell to smaller stores for resale and directly to the end user. We have a very nice selection and our low overhead allows us to offer great pricing. Many of our customers travel 2-3 hours from out of state perhaps twice a year stock up and return home – We will make your trip worthwhile!

We carry all your roofing, framing, siding equipment. From ladders, to compressors, we can provide all equipment needed for your job. We repair everything we sell! Bring us your tools and we can fix them for you. We also carry Mason and Drywall tools.